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Responsibility. We take on cases recognizing the enormous responsibility that we have for the client to ensure we do everything we can in our power legally to ensure we get the greatest successful outcome.

Care:  We’re going to hold your hand and explain things every step of the way; we know you’re scared, nervous, concerned about finances and family. You get our kindness and care and we’ll save the toughness for keeping the insurance company accountable.

No Surprises: Good customer service, communicating with client, being up front. You’re working with our team; we’ll never leave you hanging. If one of us is not available another of us will respond to you. We get back to you even when we’re busy. 

We’ll fight this to the end: We’re tough as nails; we have the necessary toughness to fight for you. Holding people accountable. We enjoy battling with insurance companies and we feel that insurance companies don’t treat people fairly, and we want people to have a sense of justice and feel like they were treated fairly, insurance companies only care about saving money.

Getting you to optimal health – Body and Mind: We understand how important your health is, we’re not just interested in getting you a big check but getting you back to full health and fitness; we work with doctors who can work with you health restored regardless of your financial situation.

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